Advertising on radio really works

There is lots of different forms of advertising out there so when you are looking at which form is the best for you. You have to take into consideration a few things before you dive in.

an advert on the radio1) Who is your target market?

Work out your demographics from  what your age group is, gender, area they live and to what kind of music they like.

2) How much do you want to spend on a advert on the radio?

This can be a figure that is spread over a 3 month period to really brand your business or it can be spread over a longer period but you have to consider how many times a day this advert will get heard.

3)What is your call to action going to be?

A call to action is a strong message that you want the customer to do once they have heard your advert on the radio, this could be “call this number” or “visit our website on” these types of messages are really important to get the most out of your advert when airing it on the radio.

Typical Radio advert

We recently did a very successful radio campaign for potential businesses that were looking for SEO in London. The company had a sizeable budget to spend and took our advice on spreading it over a 4 month period to have an impact on their potential customers. Businesses were hearing the advert every day for 4 months which gave the impression that this SEO company was a authority on their industry. Once the 4 month period was over the SEO company had profited enough money so that they could continuously air their advert. Now they are taking on new staff to fill the new work load they have generated.

If you have any question about adverting on the radio or would like to start a campaign of your own then contact us here to discuss your requirements. You can also find out more information about how to construct a great radio ad here.