Big Shout Out To Our Sponsors

We don’t blog much but when we do they are we received. We have been prompted to make this post to give a huge massive thanks for the support and gratification from our sponsors. let’s face it without them we would not be able to continue.

Original106 is pleased to send back the love to a number of our sponsors who have helps us achieve some amazing connections and brought is many new clients along the way.

Special thanks to Milton Keynes window cleaners who helps us on our fair weekend.
Milton keynes window cleaners logo


Thanks to the Birmingham boy’s at Waste Hire Birmingham who saved us from extinction in the early days of our campaign.
birmingham skip hire logo

Thanks to Brian at the who had us all in tears of laughter every time we meet but seriously him and his team gave generously and went above and beyond the call of duty.
Car shop

Next year will be bigger and better for sure… Thanks again guy’s


Converting Our Studio

On Air, ON A Building Site?

Over the last 2 weeks we have had some renovation work being carried out in our studio. We have had to deal with noise, dust, builders bum cracks and a whole heap of other interruptions while trying to record live on air. It’s not been easy let me tell you but we have been amazed with the results. We employed a really friendly company to carry out the work. Loft conversions Glasgow got stuck right in. We told them of our situation with wanting to keep the radio recording on air and they pulled a funny face at first but told us that they have worked in all kinds of situations from building a stage for a circus, in 2 days, to replacing a whole roof of a church before Sunday mass.

These guys well deserve a shout out from 106 so i promised i would air their company on the radio. My boss found these guy’s through using his stealth methods (he’s a producer) and even though they are based in Glasgow they travelled down here especially to accommodate us.

team of builders at loft conversions GlasgowI’ve never seen so much dust in all my life.

They ripped out the floor in the basement took down the stairwell, built a recesses in the kitchen, added a toilet in the basement (much needed for when your on air and you need to go to the toilet in between records)  (too much information) and decorated, tidied all in the space of  2 weeks. If it was down to me i would still have my wife nagging at me to get started but these guy’s made it look easy. All in it’s been a painless experience and the boss said (after he came back off holiday) Oh, it looks nice.

So here’s the plug we promised. Visit loft modification Glasgow‘s website to see their work or call them on 01424 400 171

Thanks again guy’s

Advertising on radio really works

There is lots of different forms of advertising out there so when you are looking at which form is the best for you. You have to take into consideration a few things before you dive in.

an advert on the radio1) Who is your target market?

Work out your demographics from  what your age group is, gender, area they live and to what kind of music they like.

2) How much do you want to spend on a advert on the radio?

This can be a figure that is spread over a 3 month period to really brand your business or it can be spread over a longer period but you have to consider how many times a day this advert will get heard.

3)What is your call to action going to be?

A call to action is a strong message that you want the customer to do once they have heard your advert on the radio, this could be “call this number” or “visit our website on” these types of messages are really important to get the most out of your advert when airing it on the radio.

Typical Radio advert

We recently did a very successful radio campaign for potential businesses that were looking for SEO in London. The company had a sizeable budget to spend and took our advice on spreading it over a 4 month period to have an impact on their potential customers. Businesses were hearing the advert every day for 4 months which gave the impression that this SEO company was a authority on their industry. Once the 4 month period was over the SEO company had profited enough money so that they could continuously air their advert. Now they are taking on new staff to fill the new work load they have generated.

If you have any question about adverting on the radio or would like to start a campaign of your own then contact us here to discuss your requirements. You can also find out more information about how to construct a great radio ad here.

DAB car radio converted from a normal radio

When you are thinking of converting your normal radio to a DAB car radio you need to take into consideration a few things.

 Old car radio

In todays market there are 4 types of DAB radio adaptors.


stuck on dab car radio1) You can go for the kind of fitting where the wires are on show, like a sat nav stuck to your window. The cost of these are around £50 (fitting not included)


2) You can opt for the next best thing which is a fitted radio, which sits discretely behind the dashboard and has extra steering controls for easy control. This costs around £150 (again fitting not included)


3) The third option is a screen fitted, which integrates with your normal car radio. This is a cute design but it can be on show, thus making your car more attractive to thieves. The prices are around £150 upwards (fitting not included)


4) The last option is to replace the whole radio head unit. Take note that this is only available to cars where you have a certain sized car radio space so the dab car radio will fit into it, although, you can get blank plates to block up the space left if there is a gap. This can cost from £80 upwards depending on what make and model you choose (fitting not included)

Can i fit my own DAB car radio


Anythings possible if you have the knowledge. You would need to be able to understand the cars electronic wiring system and have good knowledge of fitting radios. I would suggest you just pay a professional to fit it, as if you have any problems you can always go back to them to fix it under the fitment warranty.


Where is a good place to go to get my dab car radio fitted professionally?


Yes there are lots of places where you can get your car radio fitted but after doing my own research and going through the process of having one fitted myself i would recommend these guy’s as the best dab car radio sellers and fitters.


Do i need to buy anything else for my DAB car radio?


DAB car Antenna Yes, most cars will need an antenna which is compatible with a digital radio and there are a number of these to choose from.




Inside Glass Mounted Antenna


These are about the easiest to install.


Cheapest price for an antenna ( about £20 )


Not very good performance


No holes have to be made in the car to fit


Not at all visible inside the car


Magnet Mounted Antenna


Magnetically fitted to the roof


Even cheaper than the inside glass mounted antennas ( about £15 )


Again no holes have to be made in the car to fit


Could be visible to thieves


Door rubbers are used to conceal the wires ( possible leeks in the future )


Outside fixed to the glass

fixed to the glass antenna

Again no holes are needed to be made in the car to fit


The cost of these antenna’s start from £30 upwards



Permanent fitted roof antenna


Unfortunately you need a hole drilled into your car’s roof if you haven’t already got one from the existing antenna


Needs to be fitted by a professional


Can be expensive as the labour of the installer will cost the most


The best reception from this antenna


Concealed and blends into the car nicely


Shark Fin Antenna


Again in this instant you need a hole drilled into your car’s roof if you haven’t already got one from the existing antenna


Needs to be fitted by a professional


Is very expensive due to labour costs


Because it is small the shark fin antenna is not as strong as the Permanent fitted roof antenna (above)


Concealed and blends into the car nicely



What is the price of a dab car radio going to cost me?


Pricing a dab car radio varies depending on the make and model that you choose. Each manufacturer varies in their pricing and as such some are better quality than others.

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